6 CBD Capsules That Offer an Alternative to Over-The-Counter Meds

An easy alternative to Big Pharma.

Cannabis capsules are a great alternative to over-the-counter pain medication and sleep aids; they’re just another way to consume cannabis, but there is no taste, no smoke and no sugar or added preservatives.

Find sleep helpers, natural mood boosters, pain relievers and more in easy-to-dose and -consume pills that are better for your body than that daily Advil. Ideal for the non-stoner type, these capsules are available in broad and full-spectrum CBD, THC or a balance of the two. If you like CBD oil or tinctures, these products are a great on-the-go option that are fast-acting and discreet enough that you can take them anywhere.

Indiva Sativa Capsules
30 caps.; 9 mg. THC per cap

Indiva is Canada’s No. 1 producer of edibles, so it’s no wonder its capsules are some of the best on the market. Filled with quality cannabis oil, these sativa capsules contain a low dose of THC, which means you can start slowly when finding that perfect dose.

Mood Ring High CBD Capsules
30 caps.; 30 mg. CBD per cap

Mood Ring is all about making the cannabis experience as natural as possible for consumers. With groovy packaging, these gluten-free olive oil capsules contain a robust dose of CBD that is great for treating pain and anxiety. Conscious about the environment, these capsules are made with no GMOs as well as being free of additives, allergens and plasticizers. Mood Ring will also plant a tree for every purchase made directly through its website, so you can feel extra good about every purchase!

Redecan Gems 5:5
15 caps.; 5 mg. THC, 5mg. CBD per cap

Redecan is making great balanced capsules that are ideal for daily dosing. Made from flower grown in Niagara, ON, these capsules are filled with CO2-extracted oil, maintaining a ton of broad-spectrum properties that will enhance your day and leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

Tweed Houndstooth Soft Gels
15 caps.; 10 mg. THC per cap

Tweed is making strain-specific soft gels that are a great replacement for smoking flower or eating edibles. Houndstooth is a greenhouse-grown, sativa-dominant strain with a mild level of THC. These capsules have been dubbed “happy pills” for the euphoric and uplifting sensation brought on by just one tablet.

Daily Special Indica Soft Gels
30 caps.; 6 mg. THC per cap

Daily Special’s capsules may not be the hardest hitting, but they definitely offer some of the best bangs for your bucks on the market. For less than $20, you can get 30 indica soft gels that provide a mellow dose of full-spectrum extract from some of Daily Special’s top-selling indica strains.

liiv CBD Capsules
15 caps.; 1 mg. THC, 11 mg. CBD per cap

Ideal for the consumer looking to swap their Advil for a natural anti-inflammatory, liiv’s CBD capsules are hard shelled and easy to pop wherever you are. With 1 mg. of THC for activation, these capsules are non-psychotic and ideal for someone who is still on the fence about using CBD as a replacement for over-the-counter pain meds.