Cannabis Topicals are the Topic of the Season 

Was making time for self-care up there in your list of New Year’s resolutions? 

Winter wearing on your joints? Well, CBD scrubs and creams are here to relax your muscles and take the pain away. With anti-inflammatory components and muscle- and mind-relaxing qualities, these topical treatments are a natural solution to winter wear and tear. More organic than an over-the-counter muscle gel and far less smelly, these CBD and balanced cannabis topicals are the ultimate solution to the winter blues — fine scrubs that enhance skin cell production and topical creams that will put you into tranquillity. These products will help you kick up your New Year’s resolution a notch.


WholeHemp CBD Lavender Sugar Scrub
10 mg. THC, 250 mg. CBD per 2 oz. 

Artisanally produced in small batches and using WholeHemp’s signature full-spectrum CBD oil, the CBD Lavender Sugar Scrub is a versatile, hydrating scrub for the face and body. Using lavender essential oil and organic cane sugar, this exfoliant removes dead skin while also rehydrating the skin. The lavender scent is great for treating anxiety,       stress and insomnia while being enhanced with WholeHemp’s high-quality, whole-plant CBD.

Kootenay Labs Juniper-THC Salve Triple Strength-
Kootnay Labs Extra Strength Juniper Salve
2,400 mg. THC, 2,400 mg. CBD per 1 oz.

For aggressive arthritis and muscle pain, try the Kootnay Labs Extra Strength salve. With a whopping amount of THC, this non-psychoactive topical salve is fantastic for heavy-hitting pain that needs immediate relief. Using their family recipe, Kootnay Labs infuses organic olive oil with wild-crafted herbs and Canadian grown Cannabis. A hundred percent natural and balanced with organic beeswax, coconut oil and vitamin E, this soothing and aromatic   salve leaves the skin hydrated without being oily or greasy like other muscle gels can.

Rho Phyto Deep Tissue Gel

10 mg. THC, 125 mg. CBD per 1.7 oz. 

This quick-absorbing gel combines the cooling sensation of a muscle gel with the powers of CBD to create super-strength, deep-tissue relief. Using a synergistic combination of clove oil, menthol and cannabinoids, this gel cools down and releases inflammation while providing relief and relaxation in the muscles. With careful formulation and years of research, Rho Phyto’s Deep Tissue gel ensures the same level of CBD with each pump, giving a consistent   experience every time.

Delush Watermelon Soap Scrub
300 mg. CBD per 8 oz.

Made with fine sugar crystals that gently exfoliate the skin, the Whipped Soap Scrub from Delush is a great product for everyday use. The watermelon scent and  rich, luxurious texture turn shower time into me-time, increasing blood flow and rejuvenating your skin. Infused with 300 mg. of CBD, this soap scrub leaves skin feeling smooth while also   unclogging pores, reducing inflammation and getting rid of tricky ingrown hairs.

WholeHemp CBD Cream
WholeHemp CBD Lavender Sugar Scrub

Extracted from WholeHemp’s high-quality whole CBD plants and formulated with only four active ingredients, this Signature CBD Cream is one of the highest-quality products on the Canadian market. Made in small batches with shea butter, arrowroot and sunflower oil, this whipped cream is rich with botanicals. The all-natural creamy formula   remains light on the skin, making this a great natural product for both face and body usage.

rose cbd cream
CBDNorth Pain Cream, Body Balm in Rose & Vanilla
600 mg. CBD per 2 oz. 

This full-spectrum CBD cream is a game-changer for so many consumers. Enriched with a powerful amount of CBD, CBDNorth’s cream targets muscle and joint pain along with itchy and damaged skin. Made with premium hemp extract, organic coconut oil and shea butter, and infused with rose and geranium essential oil and vanilla essential oil,  this cream has an added mood-boosting and anti-ageing effect.

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