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Every Friday, Jessu streams house tunes from her neon-lit B.C.

Twitch, the online livestreaming platform that was once little more than a gaming site, has been transformed by the pandemic into an ultimate one-stop-shop for comedy, theatre, and music. With its exponential growth came the rise of Vancouver EDM artist Jessu, whose weekly livestreamed DJ sets regularly rack up tens of thousands of views. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Jessu streams house tunes from her neon-lit condo to an audience of over 60 000. The energy is infectious, the music is sick, and it’s just about the closest thing you can get to a bonafide EDM show until those vaccines are distributed. Her streams are free, and all past videos are available by subscribing to Jessu on Twitch: subscriptions start at $6.99CAD/month. Subscribe at https://www.twitch.tv/jessutv.

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