6 Hard Ciders To Celebrate Apple Season

Cider house drools with best seasonal drinks.

It may be a little early for hayrides and pumpkin patches, but September welcomes the first day of autumn and, with it, a host of fall activities. It’s prime time to visit an orchard, pick a bushel of apples and gorge on fruity treats. Among these goodies is a crisp, refreshing cider — the perfect transitional drink as the summer heat slowly fades.

Best served chilled, hard cider is fermented fruit juice that comes in varying levels of sweetness and carbonation — think apple wine. While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we can’t guarantee that philosophy applies to these drinks!

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Can of Thornbury's Wild Blueberry cider


Thornbury Village

Brewed in Ontario, available in Toronto and Calgary

Not all ciders have to be strictly apple forward in flavour. This small-batch drink is both fruity and floral, combining apples, passionfruit, elderflower and ripe Nova Scotian blueberries that leave a sweet aftertaste. Light and refreshing, it’s guaranteed to help you beat this summer’s inevitable final heatwave.

Can of Liberty Village Brewing Co.'s Dry Cider


Liberty Village Brewing Co.

Brewed in Ontario, available in Toronto

If you don’t favour sugary drinks, this option is perfect. Liberty Village Brewing Co. went against the odds to launch the country’s first unsweetened cider because it knew the cider would be a hit. Carefully fermented, this cider is extra dry and light on fizz, making the apple the shining star of each sip.

Can of Okanagan's Crisp Apple cider



Brewed in British Columbia, available in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver

For a classic cider experience, you can’t go wrong with Okanagan. The aroma alone transports you to an orchard and the taste is incredibly crisp. Just one sip feels like biting into a juicy, freshly picked apple, and there’s a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavours.

Can of No Boats on Sunday's Original Hopped cider.


No Boats on Sunday

Brewed across Canada, available in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver

This Nova Scotia cidery was founded on the idea that we all deserve a little break, and it’s easy to kick back and relax with this fresh brew. Uniquely made in three different provinces from 100 per cent locally sourced apples, this is a classic hopped and zesty cider with bright apple and citrus flavours.

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