6 Pre-Rolls That Are Ready To Roll When You Are

If every joint you roll is coming out floppy, lopsided or looseygoosey, it might be time for a pre-roll.

While rolling the perfect joint is a worthy accomplishment, sometimes quick and convenient is required. The pre-roll market is full of gems for every type of smoker. There are pre-rolls available in packs of multiples; as singles; rolled in kief, shatter or oil; not to mention the THC and CBD variation and the grams per pre-roll. It’s a wonderland of ready-to-smoke weed.

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Single pre-roll Moonrock joint on a white background.


Moonrock Canada

Potency: 55-65% THC
1 joint x 1.2 grams flower per joint

This pre-roll will knock off your moonboots. Made with an OG bud, Moonrock Canada blasts its nugs with honey oil and dusts them in kief for an otherworldly experience. Not for the beginner smokers, this pre-roll is one of the strongest on the market. It comes in flavours like piña colada, watermelon or blueberry crumble.

Single pre-roll Nebula joint on a white background.



Potency: 1-7% THC, 9-15% CBD
12 joints x 0.35 gram flower per joint

Packed in with rich CBD and a touch of THC for activation, this is one of the best pre-rolls for settling the mind and body. With a high dose of 15 per cent CBD, the 60/40 Sativa-dominant strain is known for its medicinal properties and is a top-seller in the medical marijuana field. It’s perfect for alleviating feelings of pain, stress or anxiety.

Single pre-roll Mac1 joint on a white background.


Citizen Stash

Potency: 22-30% THC
2 joints x 1 gram flower per joint

Part of Citizen Stash’s small batch series, this coveted strain encourages a cerebral high with physical relaxation. High in THC, MAC — or Miracle Alien Cookies — is a hybrid strain producing creative and uplifting effects, all while relaxing the body.

Single pre-roll Granddaddy joint on a white background.



Potency: 15-22% THC
3 joints x 0.35 gram flower per joint

A strain perfect for combating insomnia, this sedative pre-roll is a knockout. 48North’s potent pre-roll has high levels of THC (22 per cent), which explains why each joint is only filled with an eighth of a gram. With a terpene profile of grape and berry aromas, this indica-dominant strain is the perfect before-bed burn.

Single pre-roll Rosy joint on a white background.



Potency: 14-20% THC
10 joints x 0.35 gram flower per joint

These Rosy Animal Face pre-rolls are the first from Carmel’s partnership with Canadian dispensary Superette. Stuffed to the brim with Animal Face, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, this pack of 10 joints is a convenient stash that will keep you uplifted and relaxed all day long.

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