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It’s time to elevate your paraphernalia from corner store glassware to something a little more “stoner chic.” As cannabis appreciation continues to dominate the media and dispensaries pop up on every corner across Canada, weed lovers throughout the country are finally getting the representation they deserve. This calls for stoners to elevate their smokeware to something they can leave on the coffee table, guilt-free. These gorgeous pieces of glassware and impeccably made ceramics are not only easy on the eyes, they’re also durable, versatile and consciously made to ensure you have the best and most effective sesh possible.

Session Goods Bong

Session Goods Bong


As the culture of smoking matures, Sessions believes that your glassware should as well. The Sessions Goods Bong is a modern bong made under the ethos that smokeware shouldn’t feel illicit. This durable bong is made with 4 mm thick borosilicate glass and is formed to enhance the smoker’s experience. The silicone bottom protects this dynamic piece of ergonomic glassware from breakage as well as being a waterline indicator to ensure the perfect rip.

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Higher Standards pipe

Higher Standards K. Haring Water Pipe


This bong sports the iconic art of Keith Haring, one of the most memorable artists and activists of the ’90s. This beaker-style bong has a wide base and a seven-slit percolator to ensure a smooth and filtered smoke every time. The ice catcher is another great feature of this bong, along with the much-appreciated splash guard that keeps any unwanted accidents at bay.

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Congo pipe

Summerland Chongo


This sustainably made ceramic bong is created from the earth for the earthlings. Handmade in California, these ceramic bongs are crafted with a focus on functionality and sustainability. As Summerland’s most iconic piece, the Chongo is on the pricier end of our list, but don’t worry about buyer’s remorse. Created with food-safe and lead-free ceramic and glaze, along with a high-grade silicone grommet, this bong promises the perfect hit.

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Puffco Budsy pipe

Puffco Budsy


The Puffco Budsy is an all-around fantastic product. Made for stoners on the go, this water-bottle bong can’t compare to the plastic versions you may have hit in your high school parking lot. Discreet and perfect for camping, festivals and park days with friends, this durable Nalgene-looking bong has a ceramic bowl piece that’s secretly stored in the bottle’s lid. This function is awesome for avoiding damage, spilling or (let’s be real) loss. Made with BPA-free plastic, this is a great bong for stoners with a sense of adventure.

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Battleship Water Pipe

Battleship Water Pipe


If there’s anyone that knows weed, it’s Snoop Dogg. From Snoop’s collaboration with Famous Brandz POUNDS, the Battleship is a pipe perfect for flower and concentrate. With both a vapour dome and a dry flower bowl, this is one of the most versatile products on our list. The 5 mm borosilicate glass and compact design make this pipe practically invincible when it comes to breakage. Snoop’s water pipe is super advanced and even comes with a POUNDS glass dab tool!

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Chill Stainless Steel pipe

Chill Stainless Steel


This is one of the most modern pieces on our list. The stainless-steel bong is exactly as advertised: chill. Ice cold and perfect for a frosty inhale. Chill’s Stainless Steel bong helps to avoid any harshness that could kill the vibe. Besides looking super sleek, this bong has a vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel base and unbreakable steel downstem. This bong also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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