Games at a Glance: April

Games coming out in April 2022

Screenshot from Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

One game that wasn’t overlooked by the public was Wii Sports. Few games rocked the public zeitgeist like the Nintendo Wii’s 2006 pack-in title, populating living rooms, retirement homes and late-night shows. It’s the only game I can think of that appeared in an Oscars skit. Well, it’s back too. Nintendo Switch Sports brings back bowling with a remote, tennis with a remote, golf with a remote and kendo with a remote. It also adds badminton, soccer and volleyball with a remote. This new edition will take full advantage of the Joy Con controller’s sophisticated motion controls. In the tradition of Wii Sports, it will probably be the only game that takes advantage of the Nintendo system’s motion controls. Tell your grandparents it’s time to game again when Nintendo Switch Sports comes out on April 29.

Screenshot from Chrono

Chrono: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Japanese role-playing games (RPGs) are rarely appreciated in their time. When Chrono Trigger first released in 1995, it was at the tail end of the Super Nintendo’s shelf life, and western audiences weren’t especially warm to RPGs. Now, it’s regarded as a classic.

When the sequel, Chrono Cross, came out in 1999 on the PlayStation, players had more RPGs than they knew what to do with and it was swept into the tides of time. Now it’s time for Cross appreciation. Square has remastered the cult classic for new audiences with The Radical Dreamers Edition. This HD version not only adds quality-of-life upgrades and visual touch-ups, but bundles in Radical Dreamers, a spin-off only available through the Japanese Nintendo Satellaview, where SNES games were broadcast live like a TV channel. The sprawling journey through history and fantasy comes to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and the Switch April 7.

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