Games at a Glance: May

Some of our favourite games.

Screenshot of game art where mammoth is being attacked by other animals

PlayStation Network to shutter service for PS3

Sony confirmed rumours that the PlayStation Network service for the PlayStation 3, Portable and Vita will be retired this summer. It follows a disturbing trend set by Nintendo and Xbox after the shuttering of WiiWare and XBLIG.


A library dating back to 2006, PSN’s retirement will sadly wipe out a number of games that are entirely unavailable elsewhere, including many by the foundational and recently closed Tokyo Studio. Buy Tokyo Jungle right now. I cannot stress this enough.

Screenshot of characters from NieR Gestalt

Restored, retooled and re-imagined

Not everyone’s ready to give up the past. After the runaway success of NieR:Automata, Square Enix decided to revisit Automata’s even more cult and stranger predecessor NieR Gestalt.


The just-released NieR Replicant is more than just a restoration and re-release. Gestalt has been retooled to be more accessible and in line with Automata, including its bullet hell-inspired combat.

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Say yes to Say NO! More

Whether it’s in our private or professional lives, many of us stumble when setting our own personal boundaries. Now there’s a video game to pump you up. Say No! More follows a recent hire whose office wastes no time in trampling over them—that is, until they discover the immense power of just saying…NO! Say it loud. Say it soft. Just make sure to keep your adversaries on their toes. Discover just how far you can go by screaming NO! in this just-released game on Steam and for the Nintendo Switch.

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