Games at a Glance: September 2021

This month’s new releases include PlayStation’s swan song and the revival of Wario.

Video game still from Deathloop of a man in a leather jacket shooting a gun.


Arkane Studio's PlayStation swan song

Arkane Studios, creator of Prey and the Dishonored series, was part of Microsoft’s big shopping spree over the last few years. Its farewell game for PlayStation, Deathloop, should be a party no one will soon forget. Or escape.

Deathloop follows Colt, an assassin who finds himself trapped in a stretch of time that restarts upon sunrise. A decadent cult is taking advantage of the anomaly, spending this cycle to celebrate and sacrifice. Arkane’s specialty are a clockwork-like environment, rewarding players keen on detail and finding elaborate methods of getting the job done. A looping night seems like the perfect playground to shape your own destiny. Unfortunately for Colt, he’s not the only one making the most of the time.

Deathloop begins Sept. 14 on PlayStation 5.

Video game still from WarioWare of various animated game characters, including Wario.


Revived for the Switch

Speaking of time … it’s WARIO TIME! Hearing the prayers of my roommate, Nintendo is finally reviving WarioWare for the Nintendo Switch. The series is known for manic, idiosyncratic, blink-if-you-miss mini-games that have kept people charmed and on their toes since 2003. WarioWare: Get It Together!, coming Sept. 10, emphasizes cooperation, so get ready to yell at your friends. September also marks the 20th anniversary of Wario Land 4, the best Wario game. Wish we were getting another one of those, but what are ya gonna do?

Video still from The Big Con game outside the animated Mallton Mall.

Big Con

The race to save a video store

I probably know the answer to this but: How far would you go to save a video rental store? In The Big Con, from Toronto-based studio Mighty Yell, you have the chance to find out. You play as Ali, a teenage scammer hitting the road across ’90s America, looking to do some crimes and rake in some cash to save their mom’s video store. Embrace your inner mallrat as the game hits Steam and Xbox this month.

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