Let’s Hash it Out

When gen x was in its reigning heyday, hash was the smoke of choice.

When gen x was in its reigning heyday, hash was the smoke of choice. It was cheap, strong and delivered a great body buzz. Today, as one of the most concentrated and high THC cannabis products on the market, hash has emerged from the past and is making a comeback. Made from high-quality flower and extracted in traditional techniques, hash is providing some of the great highs on the market today.

Vortex Cannabis

Afghan Black Hash

2 gm, 45.6% THC

Dried flower is sifted and screened before being pressed in the traditional Afghan method to create Vortex’s beloved Afghan Black Hash. Black on the outside and green in the middle, this is extremely potent and well-made hashish. Vortex’s full-spectrum hash is spicy and smoky in flavour and provides a very strong and potent experience.


Cannabis Hashish

2 gm, 37% – 45% THC

Made from pure cannabis resin, Tremblant Hashish is a gorgeous texture and is extremely malleable. This melty hash is made from a modern technique inspired by traditional Afghan knowledge. This Quebecois brand is based in the Laurentian Mountains and is known for its old-school approach to making fantastic hash reminiscent of what your parents — grandparents? — used to smoke in the ’80s. With quality ingredients, this hash has sweet and spicy notes and creates a luxurious thick white smoke.

The Batch

Dry Sift Hash

2 gm, 33% – 45% THC

The Batch Dry Sift Hash is rich, resinous and velvety in texture and reminiscent of old-school Gold Seal hash. This malleable and shiny square is made with some of the best flower and uses a very slow extraction process to ensure a clean and aromatic smoke.

Port North Gas

Berries Aged Temple Balls

1 gm, 65.5% THC

Using an 100% oldschool solventless technique, Cody and Bret Coulson and Kurtis Ohm are dedicated to providing Canadians with hand-curated, strain-specific, ice-water hash. Their Gas Berries temple balls are hand-rolled and use minimal heat during extraction to create some of the most potent hashish on the market.

Mood Ring

Legacy Hashish

1 gm, 45% – 60% THC

Handcrafted in the oldworld style, this solventless hashish is one of Mood Ring’s bestselling products. Extremely potent and derived from high-quality, dried flower, the Legacy hash remains to be one of the top recommended cannabis brands across the nation. Mood Ring also cares about sustainability, planting a tree for every purchase made from the company.

48 North

Traditional Pressed Hash

2 gm, 35% – 45% THC

This traditionally pressed hash is made with some of 48 North’s best dried flower. Carrying the terpenes Alpha-pinene and beta-caryophyllene, this hash has a woodsy and spicy aroma. Great for breaking up and adding to joints, pipes or bongs, this is some premium hashish.

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