Micro Mini Mania

Big news in fashion is micro minis

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Paris Hilton was right about at least one thing: as she famously proclaimed in a 2017 video for W Magazine, skirts should be the size of a belt! The miniskirt itself arguably never truly went out of fashion, but its older sister, the micro-mini, has been one of fashion’s most controversial trends since it debuted in the ’60s. This ass-baring item has always straddled the line between so-called high and low fashion, classy and tacky, mainstream and avant-garde — and, during its now 60-year tenure at the forefront of fashion, it’s been hailed as a feminist revelation and decried as a misogynist torture-chamber in equal measure.

If the runways at last month’s global fashion weeks are any indication, though, the micro-mini is back in a big way and baring more than ever before — some of this season’s offerings sit at the hips and only extend as few as eight inches downwards. If you’re feeling confident, try French it-girl label Miaou’s Elektra Skirt or Korean streetwear brand Pushbutton’s shocking Pleated Skirt in on-trend Kelly Green. Otherwise, we’ve provided a couple of slightly safer options here too. Try your hand at a skort or athletic mini with built-in shorts if you don’t plan on making your underwear part of your fit. And, finally, nobody did risqué better than the Y2K era, so typing “micro-mini” into Poshmark, Depop or eBay is another surefire way to find unique (and budget-friendly) options.

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