Vape Pens For On-The-Go Elevation

Who has time to roll when you have these stylish tools?

Get lifted discreetly with sleek and stylish pens that carry oil cartridges for all kinds of high. With rechargeable 510 thread batteries, you can find cartridges that will take you to familiar skies without the hassle of rolling up. Vaping also eliminates the skunky smell of smoking.

Whether its high-grade distillate, CO2 oils or live resin cartridges, we’ve got the products that will ensure you the best vape experience the market has to offer.

SunFarms Pennywise vape pen


Pennywise 1:1 Full Spectrum 510 Cartridge

Potency: 26% – 32% THC, 39% – 45% CBD 0.5 g cartridge

B.C.’s SunFarms makes some great bud, which is why this isn’t the first time you’ve seen its products featured here in NEXT.

This cartridge has a substantial amount of both THC and CBD, giving smokers a balanced and clean high that will stimulate their minds and relax their bodies. This hybrid strain is preserved and extracted to create the cleanest oil for a smooth pull, every time.

Greybeard KISH vape pen


KISH Live Resin 510 Cartridge

Potency: 82% – 88% THC, 0.2% – 0.10% CBD, 0.5 g cartridge

Extracted from live flower instead of dried and cured bud, live resin results in a more natural and terpene-heavy vaping experience and features indica-dominant strain (Shishkaberry, better known as KISH) grown outdoors in Simcoe, ON. These powerful vape cartridges are very strong — perfect for sleeping, relaxing or pretty much any activity that doesn’t require moving for long periods of time.

Dosist vape pen


Pen Rechargeable in Arouse

Potency: 84% – 89% THC, 0.5 g cartridge

Dosist recently released a rechargeable version of its iconic dose pens. The “arouse” terpene profile is aimed to enhance your senses, elevate your mood and give you a burst of energy — ideal for getting in the mood with yourself or a partner. It also works wonders for moments of meditation and self-care. Available in either 100 or 200 precise 2.5 mg doses with every puff, this pen allows you to get the perfect hit every time.

Marley Natural Black vape pen

Marley Natural

Black 510 Cartridge

Potency: 70% THC, 0.5 g cartridge

This naturally winterized cannabis oil is made from some of the cleanest Washington State flower and some of the highest cannabinoid content on the Canadian market, with pure oils providing a consistent high that’s made to last.

Marley Natural is known for its CO2 extraction method, which uses no filler or added flavouring to create its cartridges. The “Black” or indica-dominant cartridge is left with a clean taste and aroma, showcasing the best of its bud.

Trailblazer Glow vape pen


Glow 510 Cartridge

Potency: 35% – 37% THC, 0.5% CBD, 0.5 g cartridge

Great for social gatherings, this low-THC hybrid strain gives a terpene-rich experience to smokers, without sending them into oblivion. With its ceramic atomizer, this cartridge safely heats up the oil with each pull.

Trailblazer’s Glow has a sweet and floral scent, which is dominated by the myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes in this strain. Known for providing a focused, uplifting and calming high, this is a great smoke for moments of creativity or to give you that extra push in a social situation.

Solei Unplug vape pen


Unplug Lavender Fog 510 Cartridge

Potency: 65% – 71% THC, 6% – 11% CBD, 0.5 g cartridge

Solei Unplug is a sativa-dominant cartridge that’s reminiscent of lavender-infused tea; it’s calming, relaxing and leaves you ready to snuggle up under the covers after a long day.

Sweet, with very little cannabis taste, this vape cartridge is great for smokers who are looking to feel the effects of a high THC vape pen without the harsh hit or taste. Solei’s extracts are made from quality sun-grown Ontario flower and use no additives during the extraction process.

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