NO. 5
This show is Sort Of great!

A scene from the TV show Sort Of of two women standing outside

Sort Of on CBC Gem
Season 1, 30 minS., 8 episodes
Tues., Oct. 5 (CBC Gem), Tues., Nov. 9 (CBC TV)

Shot in Toronto and packed with original music from five up-and-coming YYZ artists — including Haviah Mighty and Säye Skye — this classic coming-of-age narrative is anything but derivative. It tells the story of Sabi, a 25-year-old nanny, bartender and the youngest child of a Pakistani family who is brimming with ennui for their life thus far — until a fateful accident changes everything. Injected with tasteful sarcasm and heartwarming moments aplenty, Sort Of makes waves with one of the first non-binary leads on North American network TV.

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