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The magazine for people who don’t read magazines.


The magazine for people who love to go out – even when they can’t.

MUSIC is the beat that drives us
Local arts and culture is at the core of what’s NEXT.
Coming December 2020

NEXT is Canada's new free magazine for people who love to go out – even when they can't.


Whether locked down or on the loose, NEXT offers irresistible insights into music, arts and fun as well as essential tips on how to get the most out of life in three of Canada’s most exciting cities.

NEXT writers find the best in music and style, food, drink, gaming, cannabis, movies and TV as well as hyper-local insights on must-see events in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

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The Future is NEXT.

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Canada’s new essential monthly guide to music, arts and fun is coming to Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary this fall. NEXT Magazine is a celebration of the arts and culture community as it connects artists with audiences at a challenging time for the industry. Be a part of this good-news story and become a NEXT circulation partner by adding NEXT Magazine to your deliveries.

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Artists and event promoters: Tell us your story

NEXT highlights the best arts and special events in Canada every month in print and online. Help us tell Canada’s arts story and send us your event info. NEXT covers the big arts stories but also hyper-local events in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Music is the beat that drives NEXT but we’re eager for info on all the arts as well as stories about: fashion, food, drink, film, cannabis and gaming. If you’ve got an arts story, we’d like to help tell it.