Collage of cannabis gummies
Food & Drink / Cannabis

Brain Candy

The NEXT Cannabis Test Kitchen looked like Candy Land as we explored the [...]

By Nichole Richie

Collage of drinks from the article
Food & Drink / Cannabis

All Buzz, No Booze

Sunny spring weather means socially distanced hangs with friends. Make [...]

By Nicole Richie

Person holding bath bomb while sitting in tub
Food & Drink / Cannabis

High Water

Canna-brands are taking bath time to new highs.

By Nicole Richie

Chocolate on blue background
Food & Drink / Cannabis

Sweet Highs

Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day solo or in a socially distanced exile [...]

By NEXT Magazine

Food & Drink / Cannabis

High Art

No need to stash that hash. Today’s stoner accessories are pretty enough to [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

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