Prado posing in red
Music / Next Big Thing


She’s fresh off the release of her EP Elastic, but she’s nowhere close to [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

Ruth B posing in black dress
Music / Album Reviews

Ruth B

Five years before Tate McRae did it, soulful singer Ruth B.— born [...]

By Michael Hollett

Twenty One Pilots bandmates posing
Music / Features

The Rebirth of Twenty One Pilots

Alt-pop duo Twenty One Pilots built a career off of songs about sadness. So [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

Emanuel posing
Music / Features


Canada's next R&B superstar serves up healing sounds for troubled times.

By Laura Robinson

Schwey bandmates running on bridge
Music / Q&A

Four Questions: Schwey

Schwey is a band with a mission: as an impossibly smooth soul-funk outfit [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

Lucy Ducas posing with flower
Music / Album Reviews

Lucy Dacus is Not Your Sadgirl

Even for an artist who’s built her reputation on lyrical intimacy, Lucy [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

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