HEAD OFFICE: 115 Danforth Ave., Suite 302, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4K 1N2 Tel. 416.519.5004 General Inquiries: info@nextmag.ca.

NEXT is Canada’s new print and on line magazine of music, arts and fun – launched in December 2020. NEXT is published monthly in print and daily on-line at nextmag.ca.

Music is the beat that drives and NEXT covers essential, emerging artists as well as important, established acts. And NEXT links directly to all music that it covers. The magazine also features: gaming and e-sports, fashion, food, film and screen, alcohol and cannabis. NEXT also delivers hyper-local, arts and events coverage for Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

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NEXT is fun, positive and upbeat. There’s enough bad news, we only write about what we like. In a world bursting with information and options – just what are we supposed to watch  on Netflix?—NEXT cuts through the clutter and shines a light on the best in life especially in our NEXT cities.

NEXT is the most digitally engaged print publication in the world. We don’t believe in digital shaming and have created a magazine designed to be read with a phone nearby. NEXT is packed with QR codes and links that connect all of our print stories with essential on-line digital extras.

NEXT is the magazine for people who love to go out – even when they can’t. NEXT is packed with essential information to help stay in touch with the good times – even when they feel far away. Whether delivering essential details about new work from top international acts or insights on must see local performers, NEXT is the ticket for entertainment.

NEXT Magazine highlights all that is great and exclusive to print with big, bright layouts and hands on opportunities to interact with the publication including the back pages Funnies section, jammed with interactive activities and contests.

NEXT Magazine in print and nextmag.ca online are published and owned by NEXT Magazine Enterprises Inc. The company’s Board of Directors is: Michael Cohl, Michael Hollett and Gary Slaight. Other partners in the ownership group include: Salah Bachir, Michael MacMillan, Mike Levine, Ian D’Sa, Peter Neal, Troy Beyer, Barb Hefler and Greg & Scott Cosway.

NEXT is located at: 115 Danforth Ave., Suite 302, Toronto, Ontario, next to the Danforth Music Hall at Broadview subway.

It takes optimists to launch a magazine in a pandemic and NEXT is committed to looking at the world through best case scenarios. We only write about what we like and hope NEXT feels like the good news you’ve been waiting for.

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Michael Hollett

Creative Director
Troy Beyer

Associate Editors
Rayne Fisher-Quann

Benji Adringa, Veracia Ankrah, Away, Karen Bliss,
Latoya Elle, Kristal Griffin, Ammar Karam, Sarah
Khan, Zack Kotzer, Aly Laupe, Amy Lloyd,
Alisha Mughal, Kufu Najee, Nicole Richie,
Laura Robinson, Nicholas Sokic, Sierra Stone,
Karen K. Tran, Caely White, Sanjeev Wignarajah, William Molls

Advice Columnist
Amy Millan


Manager, Sales and Partnerships
Barbara Hefler

Content and Marketing Specialist
William Molls

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Eric Caldwell, Paul Mckenzie,
Matias Bessai, Connor Radcliffe, Angus MacMinn
Sharon Rosinke, Ian Vidovich, Henry Voskuil

NEXT Magazine is distributed in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. To become a distributor or to recommend an outlet to add, please email


Board of Directors:
Michael Cohl, Michael Hollett, Gary Slaight