Chuck Chuck Baby


Director Janis Pugh
International Premiere
United Kingdom | 2023 | 101 mins. | English

Fri., Sept. 8, Scotiabank Theatre, 3:15 pm
Sun., Sept. 10, Scotiabank Theatre, 6:45 pm
Sat., Sept. 16, Scotiabank Theatre, 8: 45 pm

Music seems to play a part somehow, as the TIFF intro calls it “a film of love, loss, music and female friendship,” set in a chicken-processing plant in Wales. Writes TIFF’s Jane Schoettle: “Helen (Louise Brealey), a reserved, gentle woman, is slowly collapsing under the weight of her inexplicable life. She lives with her torpid husband and his much younger girlfriend (and their new colicky baby), working nights at the local chicken processing plant. There are two things that keep her hanging on: music, and her dear elderly mother-in-law Gwen (Sorcha Cusack), whom she cares for.”

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