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Because why shouldn’t sustainability go right down to your skivvies? Underwear is arguably the most universally worn garment — not including those who prefer the breeze — which means it likely accounts for a sizeable portion of the millions of tonnes of textile waste in global landfills each year. Using Modal, a cotton alternative that expends 10 to 20 times less water in its production process, Devon + Lang makes the comfiest, stretchiest boxers for all shapes, sizes and genders.

“Back in 2018, my wife and I were on a romantic walk on a beach in Hawaii,” founder Tyler McCombs explains of the Devon + Lang origin story.

“I ripped a huge hole in my boxers. I was so annoyed,” he laughs. “We worked for over a year and a half designing, iterating and reiterating. We even worked with designers and engineers to make sure the garments were as well made as possible. If you can make a garment that’s built to last—it’s going to last.”

Though they currently make their products in China, McCombs says he’s “hoping that mid to late 2022 we’re going to have some Canadian-made garments” noting one of the major hurdles to Canadian production: “oOr underwear is a very technical garment — it requires some very skilled labour. The unfortunate truth is that China has 25 years more experience in creating garments that we don’t have in Canada yet.”

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