My Policeman

SCreenshot from My Policeman

Where: Prime Video
What: Movie,113 mins.
When: Thurs., Nov. 4
Genre: Drama
Why you should watch: First, to answer the biggest question, yes Harry Styles can act. Very well. Styles sensitively and credibly plays a bisexual man who struggles to understand his sexuality at a time, the ‘50s,  when homosexuality is a crime in Great Britain – and much of the world. The film flips from ‘50s flashbacks to present day as we follow three characters, played by different actors at each age, all of whom are trapped in a tragic and cruel cycle of fear and deceit. The film is a reminder that rights are fought for not given and the depiction of an institutionally homophobic society is both chilling and something that must never be allowed to return. Powerful performances by Styles and the rest of the cast help depict this recent history as credibly heartbreaking and unjust.

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