The Return of Tanya Tucker: Featuring Brandi Carlisle

Tanya Tucker

Where: In theatres
What: Movie, 108 mins.
When: Thurs, Oct.15
Genre: Documentary
Why you should watch: How many times can we fall in love with Brandi Carlisle, among other things an LGBTQ+ pioneer in country music? And then she got Joni Mitchell to play at Newport festival. Now Carlisle seeks to do for overlooked-country music legend Tanya Tucker what Rick Ross did for Johnny Cash with his American Recordings that helped a new generation discover the Man in Black. Once a teenaged star, then a star of tabloid scandal sheets, Carlisle seeks to remind people of Tucker’s importance as well as help her re-launch her career with a great new album, written and recorded with Carlisle’s help and coaxing. An intimate, engaging and honest look at the star who reluctantly accepts Carlisle’s faith in her. Seeing the two create together provides rare insight and watching Carlisle’s delight at the process is pure joy.

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