They Shot the Piano Player
(Dispararon Al Pianista)

They Shot the Piano Player


Directors Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal
Canadian Premiere
Spain, France | 2023 | 103 mins. | English, Portuguese, Spanish

Fri., Sept. 8, TIFF Bell Lightbox, 3 pm
Sat., Sept. 9, Scotiabank, 4:30 pm

In this animated film, a New York music journalist, voiced by Jeff Goldblum, embarks on a mission to find out the truth behind disappearance of Brazilian piano virtuoso, Francisco Tenório Júnior. The 34-year-old went missing in Argentina in 1976 while on tour and is presumed dead. It was thought he was rounded up by a dictatorship, thrown in jail and then executed, but the mystery has not been solved.

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