Monet Masterfully Immersive: All New, All-in Exhibit

Immerse yourself in an Impressionist dreamscape.

Beyond Monet
Now until Sun, Oct. 3, 2021
In-person exhibit
$40 regular; $100 VIP
Metro Convention Centre, Toronto

Why you should go: Claude Monet, one of the pioneers of Impressionism, is the latest major artist to get the immersive exhibit treatment (there will be more!), and it’s a masterful treatment of the master.

A child on a man's shoulders enjoying the immersive Monet exhibit.

The production values are first-rate on an experience that’s made up of two elements. It begins with an exhibit upon entry that gives well-expressed details on the artist and his life. Plus, there’s a cool bridge for social pics.

The immersive part of the exhibit is a calming space where ambient music swells and falls among Monet’s greatest works, which are projected onto the walls, ceiling and floor, surrounding and swallowing the space. At times, the masterworks seem to come to life as they are respectfully animated, allowing the art to wash over the audience like a wave.

With its movements seducing the viewer to linger and find new elements in the art, this parade of gorgeous imagery calls out for repeat visits.

Lady in a colourful striped dress enjoying the immersive Monet exhibit.

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