My Night at the JUNOs

It’s that time of the year again … the music scene is chattering, the Artists are biting their nails, the CBC is promoting … it’s the JUNOs! We all know what it’s like to tune in, but what would you do if you ended Up on stage Sunday, May 15 at Canada’s biggest music awards show? Grab a friend and fill out this next-libs to find out.

It’s the night of the JUNOs and you’re so excited to see your favourite artist, (musical artist), perform (nursery rhyme) with (musical artist). You got your tickets, and you’re ready to be the first in line to see the (adjective) action unfold. On the night of the show, you put on your nicest (type of hat) and your (adjective) (item of clothing) and head to the awards. But you haven’t been downtown in a while, and when you get to (name of place), where the JUNOs are being held, you get totally turned around—you end up in a (gross adjective) alleyway next to a (adjective) door that says “DO NOT (verb).” A man with a clipboard opens the door, notices your(adjective) outfit and drags you inside, saying you’re running late! You try to (verb) the situation, but before you know it, you’re pushed onstage in front of (number) people! The speakers start playing (2000s pop song), so you start shaking your (body part) and the crowd erupts into (sounds). You break into the lyrics in your most (adjective) singing voice. You weren’t even on the list of nominees, but you end up winning a JUNO for (superlative) (object noun) ever.

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