Occupy Ontario Place

Save Ontario Place — by using it. Spend the summer enjoying our unpolished gem by the lake.

Of course, we are not going to allow Toronto- hating Ontario Premier Doug Ford to turn Ontario Place, the unpolished gem on our waterfront, into a foot bath for the bourgeoisie. Let them eat luffa indeed!

Cities all over the world know the value of public spaces on their waterfront; it should be obvious, but if you need proof look at Chicago or Barcelona, just two of the great cities that used waterfront redevelopment opportunities to increase public spaces, not eliminate them.

It’s important to support the actions of groups like Ontario Place for All, including attending the rally this Sunday, June 4, at noon, at Ford’s Fence — if someone hasn’t torn it down by then.

We think part of the resistance is simply to use Ontario Place like never before this summer. Occupy it! If you’re a regular, go more often — and introduce it to your friends. If you haven’t been since it was “open” — go now. Use our handy Ontario Place guide. Even after decades of neglect, it’s a beauty. Imagine if Ford took even a portion of the cash he wants to spend building unnecessary parking and used it to revitalize the space instead. It can happen — he’s backed down before.

Our Guide is to the western islands, where Ford wants to build Fort Sweat, The Sauna-torium, The Concrete Schvitz House.

How to get there: Easy to bike to, tons of parking for cars in the massive CNE lots and the TTC routes that get 10–15 minutes from the western gates are: 29, 63, 504C, 509, 511.

Points of Interest

1) West Entrance: This is the only way to access West Island now that the access point between Trillium Park and West Island has been closed by the Ford Fence. Steep grade.
2) The Commons: The site of many a festival, including recent TIFF screenings, is a great place to get together with friends! Lots of seating and 365-day washrooms.
3) Lookout Point: An incredible view of Lake Ontario awaits, complete with a reservable fire pit and Muskoka chairs!
4) Ontario Place Beach: Toronto’s only pebble beach. People swim at this beach, which is one of the cleanest in Toronto. Perfect landing place if Ford tries to keep fencing us out.
5) Temple Bell: Designed by renowned Ontario architect Raymond Moriyama — he designed the Science Centre — the Temple Bell is visited every New Year by the National Association of Japanese Canadians.
6 & 7): Moose Hollow and Cedar Cove are two relaxing places filled with mature trees that Ford wants to cut down. A lovely place to read a book. You can also rent the Cedar Cove fire pit.
8) The Ford Fence: This infamous piece of scrap is a reminder of a hopefully failed attempt to steal our public space.

Map of Ontario Place

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