Re-Booted Top Gun: Maverick Classic Mainstream Movie Fun

Top Gun: Maverick
In theatres
What: Movie, 131 mins.
When: Fri, May 27
Genre: Action
Why you should watch: More-than-satisfying re-boot that pleasantly embraces familiar tropes. Special effects are more special than the original in a movie that reminds us of why we go to theatres.

Top Gun: Maverick is a turbo-charged thrill ride that celebrates sleek machines, the lust for adventure and, of course, making your own rules.

This reboot works even if you haven’t seen the original, and Tom Cruise may play “the old guy,” but he’s as handsome and vital as ever. His character remains a maverick and while the plot is cliché-rich, that’s part of the fun.

Special effects got more special since original film’s release, and you’ll feel like you’ve been flying the jets yourself by movie’s end.

Top Gun: Maverick is made to be seen on a big screen, the bigger the better.  As we emerge from COVID-restrictions, the film is a perfect reminder of the joys of seeing bright, loud, beautiful, action-packed movies in a dark room full of strangers. The shared, cheers, gasps and laughs are part of the familiar fun, and familiarity is definitely part of the fun with Top Gun: Maverick. As satisfying as a handful of hot buttered popcorn.

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