Talented Toronto rapper finds his voice

Mad Man album ccover


Mad Men

Genre: R & B/Hip Hop

Sound: Laid back but upbeat and fresh
If You Like: Drake, Tory Lanez, The Weeknd
Best Track: Bye Bye Blackbird

Man Men announces Notifi’s next steps with smooth collection of smoldering tracks

Notifi is ready to move from “promising” to “promise kept” with the latest release from this Montreal-born, Toronto-raised rapper who’s seemed ready to break for a while.

His irresistible 2018 track, Won’t Get Lonely, could have been lifted from an obscure Drake mixtape  – not a bad thing – but the talented singer makes his sound more his own on his first full length release, Mad Men.

Blending sweet, smooth vocals with muted raps, Notifi has made a COVID-cosy album that’s as comforting as a velour onesy. It’s easy listening for unsettled times.

This talented singer remains one to watch though Mad Men gives notice that the promise is real and the future is bright for another talented singer from The 6, loaded with rhymes and comfortable crooning.

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