The Killers Embrace Flowers’ Hometown Tales in Pressure Machine

This isn’t your typical Killers’ tempo.

The Killers' Pressure Machine album cover

The Killers:

Pressure Machine

Genre: Alt Rock

Sound: Guitars that crescendo from slow and country-twanged to full blown rock-fuzzed, hearty harmonicas and eerie recordings of conversations with locals from Brandon Flowers’ childhood home in rural Utah

If you like: Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, John Prine

Why you should listen: Slowing down the typical Killers tempo to draw inspiration from legends of Americana past, Flowers’ signature deep-feeling voice somberly balladeers tales from his hometown in Nowheresville America, its cast of characters dealing with everything from the opioid crisis to homophobia to midlife regret.

Best track: West Hills


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