Big Screen PAW Patrol Puts the ‘Wow’ in ‘Bow Wow’

Canada’s beloved pups are hitting the silver screen.

Name: PAW Patrol: The Movie
Where: In theatres
What: Film, 88 mins.
When: Aug. 20
Genre: Animation
Why you should watch: Canada’s cutest canines get the big-screen treatment with enhanced production values that put the “wow” in “bow wow.” You’ll want a toddler in tow for this adorable romp where even the bad guys aren’t so bad and the moral lessons are kind of nice, not cringey.

Ryder and three of the dogs from the Paw Patrol movie.

Unlike some film adaptions of beloved kids’ TV shows, this doesn’t feel like it’s straining to stretch the narrative from the usual 23 minutes to a feature-length film. NEXT’s Pre-school Panel found the film’s gently rapid pace matched the show’s and was able to hold the attention of a knee-high audience for the entire film.

There are plenty of amusing winks to the adults partaking in the Patrol and some A-listers drop in for celebrity voice cameos (we won’t spoil the surprise), no doubt gaining major points with their kids.

It’s more than just a merchandising exercise—with even a few laughs at its own expense.