Austin Butler as Elvis
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Lavish Luhrmann couldn’t resist Elvis’ operatic story

Elvis director says Shakespeare would have had fun telling tale as grand [...]

By Michael Hollett

TV & Movies

Re-Booted Top Gun: Maverick Classic Mainstream Movie Fun

Top Gun: Maverick is a turbo-charged thrill ride that celebrates sleek [...]

By Michael Hollett

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood - (L-R) GLEN POWELL as Bostick and ZACHARY LEVI as Kranz. Cr: Netflix © 2022
TV & Movies

Linklater’s latest a futuristic look at the past

Texas filmmaker turns again to live-action animation to tell real-life stories

By Michael Hollett

Screenshot from The Cursed
TV & Movies

European battlefields prove fertile ground for werewolves

The Cursed is a sombre, gruesome take on classic conflict

By Amy Lloyd

TV & Movies

Inventing Anna raises moral issues as real life and fiction invisibly merge to make socialite scammer sympathetic

Like its star, the glossy Shonda Rhimes miniseries doesn’t quite pull off [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

Moulin Rouge screenshot
TV & Movies / Movies

The Definitive Valentine’s Day Watchlist

Whether you’re doing cupid-fueled cuddling or solo Feb. 14, NEXT has the [...]


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