Britney spears
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Searching for hope in Britney Spears documentary

It’s hard to find heroes in beleaguered former pop star’s life of [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

Biggie and 50 Grand. c. George DuBose
TV & Movies / Reviews

Soft-side of Notorious B.I.G. comes through in riveting new documentary

Home videos and heartfelt interviews merge with hair raising tales of life [...]

By Michael Hollett

Rosemand Park in I Care A Lot
TV & Movies / Reviews

Rosamund Pike’s Dark, Funny Thriller Takes You for a Ride

I Care A Lot is the movie of the moment and power suits and first-rate [...]

By Rayne Fisher-Quann

Billie Eilish
TV & Movies

Blurry Billie

In a new doc, The World's a Little Blurry, Billie Eilish proves she's just [...]

By Laura Robinson

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