Cream of the Crop: 6 Tasty Canadian Cream Liquers

An indulgent addition to your winter drinks.

As we begin to freeze our sweet cheeks off in yet another glorious Canadian winter, gone are the days of ice-cold brews in sunny parks. Now, it’s time to heat ourselves from the inside out. Alas: ‘tis the season for cream liqueurs. Combining the warm fire of high-percentage spirits, the richness of fresh Canadian cream and a touch of sweetness with flavours pulled straight from grandma’s kitchen, cream liqueurs make the ultimate cold-snap cup.

Because Baileys gets far too much airtime, we’ve tracked down the silkiest sips made right here in Canada. Splash them over ice, pour them in your ski jacket flask or slip them into your Christmas morning coffee. Who says the tree is the only thing that should be lit?

Create your own DIY Irish Cream

Bottle of MooseMilk cream liquer.

MooseMilk Elk Island Spirits

Available in Calgary, ships to Toronto and Vancouver
Made in Alberta

Just when you thought oat milk was out there … inspired by a festive recipe originally concocted in the mess halls of the Canadian Armed Forces, MooseMilk is like a cool and refreshing glass of 3.25 per cent milk infused with a touch of sugar and spice.

Bottle of Ceili's Cream

Céili’s Cream Highwood Distillery

Available in Calgary
Made in Alberta

Nutty in colour and taste, this addictively creamy and caramelized sip marries rye whiskey distilled in the foothills of Alberta with floral and rich Irish cream — the only cows in the world that can give Canadian dairy a run for its money.

Bottle of Wayne Gretzky Distillery's Salted Caramel Canadian Cream.

Salted Caramel Canadian Cream Wayne Gretzky Distillery

Available in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver
Made in Ontario

Take it from The Great One himself: there’s nothing like a frozen icy night warmed by a thermos of spiked hot chocolate. The first swig of this whisky-based quaff is salty, then the sweet heat kicks in — splash it in a cup of Tims and voilà. The preferred après-puck of rink rats everywhere.

Bottle of Forty Creek's Nanaimo Bar Cream.

Nanaimo Bar Cream Forty Creek

Available in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver
Made in Ontario

Forty Creek Whiskey nailed the custardy, chocolatey, coconut-y decadence of the ultimate Canadian confection with this indulgent take on a cream liqueur. This one doesn’t need much more than ice; it’s so tasty it deserves to be sipped solo.

Bottle of Vodkow cream.

Vodkow Cream Dairy Distillery

Available in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver
Made in Ontario

No bells and whistles added flavour here: just thick, rich, not-too-sweet velvet cream. It’s also lactose-free, making it ideal for the girl with undiagnosed IBS who wants to partake in the winter fun.

Bottle of Cabot Trail's Maple Cream liquer.

Maple Cream Cabot Trail

Available in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver
Made in Québec

Ever tasted those maple leaf cream cookies? This is the liqueur equivalent of licking off all of the icing. Crafted with pure Grade A Canadian maple syrup and rum, this might be the most stereotypically Canadian bottle on this list — and we’re absolutely here for it.

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