Netflix’s Binge List bursting with unseen gems

Must-see shows, movies and documentaries for an indoor winter

You may have had a few weeks of hot-girl summer, but with the introduction of the Omicron variant, it’s looking like laying low might be the new early-2022 vibe. Luckily, streaming services will be there for you, even when your provincial COVID response isn’t! We’ve rounded up some Netflix gems — new and old — that might have slipped past your radar the first time quarantine rolled around.

Screenshot from The House

The House

New and Notable

Where: Netflix
What: Three-part anthology, runtimes vary
When: Jan. 14
Genre: Adult animation
Why you should watch: An eccentric, eerie dark comedy about a house and the three individuals that share it. The film is shot in surreal stop-motion and pioneered by some of the world’s greatest animators — and it’s perfect wintertime viewing. The House premiers on January 14.

Screenshot from The Disastrous Life of Saiki-K

The Disastrous Life of Saiki-K

Recent and Recommended

Where: Netflix
What: Series, 3 seasons, 23 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Anime
Why you should watch: If you’ve resisted getting into anime so far, why not start now? Saiki-K is a fun, fast-paced anime about a high-school student who tries to hide his psychic abilities from his classmates. It’s lighthearted viewing that’s perfect for pandemic vegetation.

Screenshot of Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick in Black and White

Where: Netflix
What: Miniseries, 6 episodes, 30 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Biopic
Why you should watch: As actors portray his life, heroic, blacklisted NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick — made famous by his public protest of the American national anthem in support of Black lives — offers commentary, amplifies points and offers illuminating historic detail. Infuriating, inspiring and essential.

Screenshot from Love


Where: Netflix
What: Series, 3 seasons, 34 episodes, 30 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Romantic comedy
Why you should watch: This 2016 romantic comedy from Judd Apatow never quite hit the mainstream — perhaps due to its admittedly slow start — but the awkward, offbeat story detailing a meandering romance between a recovering addict and introverted aspiring writer is sweet, heartfelt and real.

Screenshot from Riverdale


Where: Netflix
What: Series, 6 seasons, 101 episodes, 42 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Soap
Why you should watch: Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking — Riverdale, the often-ridiculous adaption of the Archie comics (and one of Netflix’s most popular teen series), is not a hidden gem. HOWEVER: few people truly recognize how campy and surreal this show really is!! Jump in halfway through a season and revel in the bizarre, often borderline incomprehensible antics. It’s worth it.

Screenshot from Explained


Where: Netflix
What: Series, 3 seasons, 44 episodes,16 – 25 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Documentary
Why you should watch: The Explained series from Vox is a series of mini-documentaries that span a remarkable breadth of topics — everything from K-Pop, country music, cryptocurrency, dieting to larger topics like money, sex and the human mind are broken down in this concise, well-researched, and captivating series.

Screenshot from 1991


Where: Netflix
What: Movie, 101 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Indie
Why you should watch: This French-Canadian film is the third in a semi-autobiographical trilogy covering three years of director Ricardo Trogi’s life. In 1991, Trogi leaves film school in Montreal to chase young love in Italy — and what follows is endearing, witty and nostalgic without being cloying.

Screenshot from Derry Girls

Derry Girls

Where: Netflix
What: Series, 2 seasons, 13 episodes, 22 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Comedy
Why you should watch: This fantastically funny cult comedy follows a group of Northern Irish girls living out their teen years during the Troubles. It’s hilarious, heartfelt and just political enough to be real — but make sure to turn on subtitles, because those Irish accents are no joke.

Screenshot from Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist

Where: Netflix
What: Limited series, 8 episodes, 40 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Travel
Why you should watch: This unorthodox travel show visits unusual (and sometimes disturbing) attractions. It’s a look inside other cultures and locales that you won’t find anywhere else.

Cast of Call My Agent posing

Call My Agent

Where: Netflix
What: Series, 4 seasons, 47 – 67 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Comedy
Why you should watch: This French show features actors that are starting to cross over into American cinema (one of them, Camille Cottin, was just in House of Gucci). The series follows the dysfunctional team at a Parisian talent firm that represents celebrity actors, and all of these celebrity actors play themselves — and with a mix of European and American actors, like Monica Bellucci, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sigourney Weaver, everyone is sure to find a familiar face.

Fungi growing on forest floor

Fantastic Fungi

Where: Netflix
What: Movie, 81 mins.
When: Now
Genre: Documentary
Why you should watch: This innovative, award-winning documentary sheds a remarkable light on the alien world of fungi — and while the world of mushrooms is often quiet, it’s anything but boring. Take our word for it.

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