The Weird Girl Trend is Here

The weird-girl fashion trend

If your IG feed has been taken over by clashing patterns, flashy colours and campy designs, you’re not alone; you, like a huge swath of the internet, have been confronted by a style movement commonly called “weird-girl fashion.”

The Harajuku-inspired trend draws from Japanese street style, ’90s silhouettes and Gen Z absurdism to craft an aesthetic that’s as indescribable as it is ubiquitous. Call it the result of pandemic nihilism, boredom or exhaustion with the ever-quickening trend cycle — either way, it’s back, and it’s hardly a subculture anymore. Now, mega-famous it-girls like Bella Hadid and Chloe Cherry are bringing its strange, off-the-wall charm into the mainstream.

The style is defined by, well, a lack of definition — there aren’t any rules, but bright colours, mixed textures and haphazard layering are hallmarks of the genre, and vintage and one-of-a-kind items are even better. While some of these pieces might seem absurd, proponents of the style don’t care. Their sentiment is simple: the world is already going crazy, so why not dress like it?

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