Excellent New ‘Get Back’ Doc Shows The Beatles at Creative Peak

Lord of the Rings director uncovers Beatles’ secret — they had fun.

Movie poster for Get Back, The Beatles documentary. Name: Get Back
Where: Disney+
What: Limited series, 3 episodes, approx. 160 mins. each
When: Nov., 25, 26 and 27, then streaming
Genre: Documentary
Why you should watch: Astonishingly revealing and intimate look inside the creative process, and complicated relationships and friendships, between The Beatles in their final, incredibly productive days as a band.

Beatles fan and Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson lets the band tell their own story, using their 50-year-old words to explain these miraculous days creating music for the Let it Be and Abbey Road albums. Worth watching just for the complete rooftop performance, The Beatles last ever as a band.

But there is so much more to enjoy in this feast of insight that ultimately humanizes four people that have become so iconic it is almost impossible to view them as flesh-and-blood creatures. This film changes that and ultimately, we can all take some pleasure in knowing that they had fun making music that has brought millions joy.

Watch the Get Back documentary trailer

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