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Online thrift platform Depop has started a secondhand revolution where young vendors can sell their vintage finds to a limitless audience.

Online thrift platform Depop has started a secondhand revolution where young vendors can sell their vintage finds to a limitless audience. Laid out like an Instagram feed but built like eBay for the Tumblr generation, the one-of-a-kind platform creates space for expertly curated, constantly cutting-edge online boutiques serving customers with one-of-a-kind finds—and they’re taking over the internet. Some stores have amassed tens of thousands of followers and boast virtual lineups around the block.

Whether you’re itching to explore the new y2k craze or looking to expand into cybergoth, we’ve collected some of our favourite Canadian Depop sellers to highlight their iconic finds, their fashion inspiration, and how you can find your next fashion holy grail online.

Town Tramp clothing

Town Tramp

@towntramp / Toronto


Scrolling through Town Tramp’s eclectic feed is like the best kind of acid trip—colourful, unexpected and beautifully trashy. With expertly curated flatlays and retro photoshoots, her feed is so vibrant and unique that you almost don’t need to be buying anything to enjoy it.


Fave item: Retro wooden roller skates.
Signature style: Campy, unabashedly trashy couture that spans decades.
Top Depop tip: Do your research and search for specific brands! Filtering by price is another godsend that helps you stay thrifty.

Collage of clothing from siftedrubble


@siftedrubble / Calgary


Calgary-based siftedrubble sells classy, vintage-inspired finds and relies on vibrant colour pallets, classic silhouettes and unique statement pieces to build their signature style. “People come back to my shop because you definitely never know what you’ll find!” she says, and she’s right— her pieces range from ornate gowns to vintage lingerie to combat boots.


Fave item: A blue suede patchwork top from Daniel.
Signature style: A mix of things your grandma would wear and things your grandma would pick out for you; vintage pieces you never knew you needed.
Top Depop tip: Search for hashtags instead of phrases—it’ll help you find the serious sellers.

The Alias Attire clothing collage

The Alias Attire



Sophisticated-yet-quirky Depop seller The Alias Attire boasts a classy, muted colours, a bevy of unique pieces and enough stylistic diversity to offer something for everyone. Her items range from essential basics to unique statement pieces and span several decades, subcultures and vibes.


Fave item: A perfect, sparkly, red prom dress.
Signature style: Always changing! Inspirations include y2k, girly, skater, grunge and everything in between.
Top Depop tip: Get specific when searching. Nail down your searches to decades, brands and specific adjectives to find what you’re really looking for.

Erica Caruso clothing collage

Erica Caruso

@sliq.rick / Toronto


Sliq.rick unearths and reworks cool-girl clothes that are basically begging to hit your IG feed.


Caruso founded the shop to quickly shed extra items while moving cities, but found instant success—and now boasts almost 3000 followers itching to pick up her one-of-a-kind pieces.


Fave item: Pink Christian Dior Monogram Shoulder Bag, found for $10!
Signature style: Paris Hilton-inspired Y2K vibes, featuring everything from high-end designer pieces to Heelys.
Top Depop tip: Work to find a seller that fits your size and style and follow them closely for upcoming drops; use Depop’s DNA tool for personalized finds.

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