The Forbidden Reel is a Modern Afghan Cinema Survival Story

The Forbidden Reel
Marda Loop Justice Film Festival
Tuesday, April 13 / 5pm
Virtual screening / Free
120 minutes / Director: Ariel Nasr

The Taliban attempted to burn all evidence of Afghan cinema to ashes. Filmmakers hid their reels and risked their lives to make films amid war and chaos. Afghan-Canadian director Ariel Nasr marvels at the fragile power of movies to tell the stories of a nation, crafting a gripping documentary about modern Afghanistan and a film industry that survived against all odds.

The Forbidden Reel is the April instalment of Marda Loop Justice Film Festival’s monthly justREEL series, driven to raise awareness about social justice issues and inspire viewers to become global citizens. There’s nothing like film to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

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