The Revival of Maximalist Indie Jewelry

Indulge in all its colourful, quirky glory.

With the world slowly opening up, we’re about to re-enter the extravagant, all-out fervour of the roaring ’20s — which means that the time for stylistic subtlety has long passed.

Bright colours, ’70s silhouettes and bold-faced maximalism are stepping into their rightful place at the top of the fashion hierarchy, and thank God for that! I’m exhausted by sensibility; I pray to never see another earth tone or comfortable kitten heel again.

The easiest and most accessible way to embrace excess this season is with the unique, quirky jewelry that’s taking over the internet. The indie jewelry market ranges from candy-coloured kid-core to one-of-a-kind reclaimed vintage, so there’s something for everyone — and no matter what you’re looking for, you know you’re going to stand out. So reclaim garish! Minimalism is sooo 2016.

Note: Many of the pieces pictured here are one of a kind. Visit the shops (linked below) to keep up to date with current releases!

Susan Alexandra

Necklaces and earrings from Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra’s iconic jewelry is already being seen on the necks and ears of every NYC cool girl and fashion blogger with an Instagram account — and for good reason. Her intricately beaded designs are iconic, often whimsical and always eye-catching — and despite their youthful influences, her jewelry is distinctly elegant. You’ll feel like a kid again (while looking like a grown-up who buys indie designer jewelry).

Tunnel Vision

Necklaces and earrings made by Tunnel Vision.

Tunnel Vision is a heavy-hitter in the alternative scene: you can’t scroll through TikTok for more than 30 seconds without seeing a très cool teenager wearing one of Tunnel Vision’s signature designs. Their jewelry is wildly popular without being overplayed and, better yet, all its wares are ethically made through a worker-owned business model.

String Ting

Colourful phone accessories made by String Ting.

Can an accessory still be classified as quirky once it’s been seen on Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus and others? Maybe not, but the String Ting is a colourful trend that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The Ting loops through your phone case and can act as either a functional handle or just a dangly accessory. Stand out in a crowd and keep your phone safe in the process!

Sweaty Pigeon

Necklaces and bracelets made by Sweaty Pigeon.

My advice: get your hands on a Sweaty Pigeon piece as soon as you possibly fucking can. The up-and-coming designer hand-makes necklaces out of vintage watches, toys and other doo-dads, and while the accessories are still an underground best-kept secret, they won’t be for long (they were recently featured on the cover of Teen Vogue)! Sweaty Pigeon’s weekly drops sell out in seconds, so set an alarm: it’s worth it.

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