Robert Lemay sitting in front of his artwork

Forever Flowers Bloom at Wallace Galleries

Take a picture, it’ll last longer: a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is a [...]

Otafest banner

Otafest is a Virtual Anime Extravaganza

Born in 1999 when the University of Calgary’s Dedicated Otaku Anime Club [...]

Chad Vangaalen

Chad VanGaalen Elevates His Livestream Concerts to Psychedelic Performance Art

The Calgarian songwriter, animator and visual artist is taking listeners [...]

Images of plants and art from Kensington Market

Spring Markets a Good Excuse to Emerge from the Cocoon and Support Your Locals

This charming market features local artisans, makers and farmers selling [...]

Stacks of reels

The Forbidden Reel is a Modern Afghan Cinema Survival Story

The Taliban attempted to burn all evidence of Afghan cinema to ashes.

Nada Nuff posing

Outdoor Gameshow is Certainly No Drag

Look cosmopolitan as hell sitting poolside with a half-price bottle of wine [...]


Cuff Delivers an Awesome In-Home Film Fest Experience

Splashing more than 30 film features across (at-home) screens, the Calgary [...]

Michela Sheedy playing at concert

Fatigue-Fest Lights Up Beloved Live Music Venues

…Virtually, at least. Tune in to catch exciting live acts streaming from [...]

Block heater promo image

Block Heater Melts The Winter Blues Away

Calgary Folk Music Festival presents homegrown and international talent [...]

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