Omega Mighty Takes Centre Stage

She’s been a “special guest” at Haviah Mighty’s shows for years, but big sis Omega is ready to bring her big sound all on her own.

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Through her music, her socials and special guest appearances at sister Haviah Mighty’s shows, dynamic Toronto artist Omega Mighty’s presence is nothing less than regal.

Her talent is explosive, and she exudes a confidence that makes you sure she knows it. In her latest single, Whine Masta, she sings R&B-dancehall fusion with a hypnotic lower register and moves with a joy and sensuality that show up full-force in her new signature dance, the ‘Mega Whine.

Mighty has been training for a music career since the ripe age of four, when she began classical piano lessons, and hasn’t slowed down since. She and her sister, rising star rapper Haviah Mighty fought like hell to become an indomitable force in Toronto’s music scene — and their spitfire energy and expertly controlled power have made them irreplaceable.

Acting at various times as her own producer, singer-songwriter, choreographer, marketing team and more, she’s a voice to be reckoned with, so don’t be shocked when you see her taking over the world in the years to come.

Close-up profile shot of Omega Mighty with her head leaning against her hand.

Definitely culture, first and foremost — I wanted to include the cultural dancehall aspect in my music but keep it a little bit fresh and modern, being that I’m from Toronto. And so, what I did was make sure that we really spoke to empowerment with Whine Masta. I wanted it to be sensual and sexy but still have a really, sort of, powerful and energetic vibe.

My sister Haviah Mighty is definitely a huge inspiration for me. Just growing up with her and always making music with her has been fantastic. In terms of collaborations, definitely gonna have to be Rihanna. I feel like she’s my mother, literally — and my mom is from Barbados, too! She literally encompasses to me not just the musical aspect of being an artist, but the performance aspect, the empowerment aspect … She’s everything.

Lack of resources and being independent means you have to be much more than just an artist. It means you have so much more to do than just writing a good song and putting together good lyrics, especially during the quarantine. It has meant having to record my own vocals, having to do mixing.

You have to work on your own campaigns and marketing and roll everything out on your own by yourself. I like to say that maybe only 20 per cent of what I do is actually creating music while the other 80 per cent is all the other moving pieces of being an artist. When you don’t have that industry support, it takes away from the work that you do.

The best thing about being a performer is definitely getting to perform in front of fans and collaborate with other amazing, talented artists. That’s the best part. It feels like home when I’m on stage. I can literally express myself the way I would normally, and it’s okay — like, in some rooms, it might be seen as really, really weird, but whenever I’m on stage, it’s like I’m totally understood. It feels really, really safe.

My favourite thing about Toronto has to be the diversity. I love the different cultures and mixing, blending pot that we are. That’s my favourite thing — the way it’s okay for us and it’s celebrated for us to be able to celebrate other cultures and cross over into different genres. I really love that about Toronto.

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